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Easily sell custom t-shirts, bags, blankets and more to raise funds for your organization or cause. Promote your online fundraising storefront and when you reach your goal, we will produce and fulfill your orders and cut you a check for the profits.


Sell Tees, Sweatshirts & More
Our fundraiser campaigns are FREE and easy to set up and distribute merchandise. Your success is up to you. The more apparel you sell, the more money you raise!

IT'S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3!


We can help create a custom fundraiser campaign of your own! First, we will work with you to hand-select apparel items from our hundreds of options. Then we will design or apply your design and set up an Online Storefront with customized items priced to meet your goal. Finally, we will display these items in your Online Storefront for purchase. Some ideas for fundraising campaigns are:


•  Support a local celebrity
•  Animal rescue
•  Sports equipment
•  School supplies for kids in need
•  Project fundraising
•  Supporting a cause
•  Charity
•  Environmental cleanup
•  Raise awareness on an issue

The more you sell, the more you raise!

fundraising storefront screenshot
fundraising storefront screenshot


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